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Alliance Crisis Services:

Serving all of Transylvania County in Western North Carolina
with Comprehensive Emotional, Behavioral & Substance Abuse Care

If you are having a Mental Health or Substance Abuse crisis that is not life threatening, call our hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for confidential and professional support: 828-885-8255. If you are having a life threatening health emergency, please call 911.

Available to Everyone

From Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm, our walk-in Crisis Center is open and available for appointment-free visits in crisis situations. Without cost, you can meet confidentially with a trained crisis professional for support and guidance toward resolution. We are located at:

45 North Country Club Road, Brevard, NC

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Making Access A Priority

We firmly believe that emergency and ongoing mental health care should be accessible and affordable. We accept some private insurance policies. Many County residents live without benefit of insurance, however, and we are able to access funding streams which make treatment low-cost to many who qualify. In most cases, we can assist you by linking with North Carolina state benefits for eligible individuals through the Western Highlands Network. Read this to learn more.

Continuous & Ongoing Support

Our outpatient services are not just based around crises. In fact, we believe outpatient support helps to prevent crisis events. Alliance's professionals come from a very diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, proving a wide spectrum of services for children, teens, adults, couples, families, and seniors. We also serve various special populations and provide debriefings to and trainings to organizations as a whole. More information here.

Crisis Aftercare

After a crisis, the feelings and needs don't go away on their own. With the support of those in our natural environments, and the skill of dedicated clinicians, we can make transform the hard turns we experience into opportunities for deep personal growth. Not only will we offer that professional support, but also focus on building the existing strengths in your life so that you come away from this time stronger, wiser, and able to anticipate the bends in the road.

Professional Consultation

We are crisis consultants to Transylvania Regional Hospital, and are on-call 24/7 for emergency evaluations and referral. We also provide support to local Law Enforcement, Transylvania County Department of Social Services, and are networked with the many professional resources in our county to ensure comprehensive services and continuity of care.

Education & Empowerment

Besides providing crisis response and treatment planning, we are committed to the health, wellbeing, and strengthening of our community. This site provides a growing library of helpful articles and resources categorized by topic which we hope will benefit those seeking answers not only in our county, but anywhere healing and transcending hopelessness is needed.

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